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Staff Misconduct at Christmas

In a lot of businesses, particularly larger companies, Christmas is a time when staff can sometimes act inappropriately and what starts off as high jinks and misdemeanours can quickly turn into something more serious. There are numerous reasons that this type of misconduct can occur at Christmas, ranging from a busier workplace to a more distracted management presenting more opportunities for employees to steal.

In many businesses, particularly those in retail, the Christmas period will mean a busier workplace with significantly greater quantities of stock coming in and out of the store and an increase in temporary staff to handle the extra work. With so many people in high spirits and some workforces in fancy dress, the Christmas spirit can sometimes mask more sinister behaviour by some staff members. On top of all this, it is likely that the management will be busier over the Christmas period dealing with the extra stock handling, recruitment and everything else that comes with the peak sales period. This means that they will have less time to look out for staff misbehaviour, and with management missing the signs, staff can easily blame any breakage and shrinkage on temporary staff. With higher than average levels of theft over the Christmas period, it can be hard to keep up with this misconduct, but it is essential that businesses stay on top of it to avoid interfering with day to day running and subsequently, profitability.

If you are worried about staff misconduct over the Christmas period, or have growing suspicions about your staff, Insight Investigations can help. Our strength is in the provision of specialists services and we have the expertise to bring any corporate investigation to the optimal solution.

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