The Most Effective Ways of Burglar-Proofing Your Property

We all want to feel safe in our homes and workplaces. But we also want to be reassured that our properties are secure when we are not there. Unfortunately, crimes such as house breaking, vandalism and theft are all too common.

So what are the most effective crime prevention measures that you can take to protect your home or business?

Burglar Alarms

Even a dummy burglar alarm box is a good deterrent. However, there are many types of alarm systems available for added protection.Burglar Alarm Light

  • A basic alarm system will ring when one of a number of sensors placed around your property is activated.
  • Speech-dialler alarms will automatically call nominated friends and family when activated.
  • A more sophisticated device will link directly to the police when the alarm goes off.


Closed circuit television devices are a very common method of crime prevention in the UK. CCTV works well in conjunction with other deterrents such as alarms and security lights. A visible CCTV camera is sometimes enough to deter criminals.

CCTV can be monitored remotely from an alarm-monitoring centre or even from your mobile phone or computer so you can check your premises, whenever or wherever you are.

Security Lights

One of the most cost-effective crime prevention devices, security lights are powered by eco-friendly LED lights. They have movement sensors that can be controlled so that they won’t be activated every time a hedgehog strays into your garden.


Observation systems are popular with business owners who are concerned about burglary, vandalism, theft and suspected drug use. A specialist observation company is employed to provide video, photographic or audio evidence depending on the client’s needs.

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