Observation: An Investigator’s Trump Card

Observation is a crucial part of the commercial and private investigator’s toolbox. It involves discreetly monitoring people’s behaviour and communications, typically with the aid of hi-tech video cameras, observation vehicles and other specialist equipment.

Observation helps to protect individuals and businesses by uncovering wrongdoing that might otherwise be impossible to detect. Photos, videos and sound recordings gathered during observation can often provide the compelling evidence needed to bring cases to successful conclusions. Observation is truly an investigator’s trump card.

We offer observation services to suit every situation.CCTV

Covert Observation

Investigators working undercover – for example, posing as customers at a supermarket – can root out foul play. They are skilled at asking pertinent questions without raising suspicion.

Static Observation

When a particular location is a cause for concern, static observation is ideal. Investigators can monitor the site to gather evidence of people stealing stock, fly-tipping, selling drugs, etc.

Mobile Observation

When monitoring someone’s activities, investigators often conduct observation on the move. They are ready to travel anywhere.

GPS Tracking Observation

GPS tracking devices fitted to vehicles enable investigators to monitor the vehicles’ locations, speed and length of any stops they make.

Carer Watch Observation

Cameras disguised as ordinary objects help investigators to determine whether carers demonstrate the appropriate level of care when working with vulnerable individuals.

Trust the Observation Experts

As the saying goes, the camera never lies. Observation can mean the difference between suspecting that an employee is leaking trade secrets to competitors or your partner is having an affair, for example, and proving it.

Observation should always be left to the experts, in order to ensure that no laws are broken and watertight evidence is obtained. We are one of the UK’s leading detective agencies, with over thirty years’ observation experience.

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