Recession Increases The Rate of Male Affairs

male affairs increase in recession
For the past few years the UK and global economic climate has largely took a downward turn into recession and almost the the brink of a double recession, this has taken its toll on business, consumer and also seen a month on month growth in inflation. As well as increasing costs of fuel, food, energy and life necessities, the recession has also seen a huge increase in the number of male affairs.

As a private investigator agency Insight have seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries and unfaithful partner investigations being undertaken due to suspicion or revelations that the male partner is lying to their female spouse.

Many relationship and human biology experts have given their opinion on the revelations and have put it down largely to the human nature of a male’s biological programming. In short when things are not settled, money is tight, employment is under threat and a male is generally feeling insecure, they are more likely to seek short term comfort in the arms of another partner and look to re-produce.

Of course this is just one study’s results of the way the male mind works, however it would make sense given the sharp increase in the number of unfaithful partner enquiries we receive on a daily basis.

In tough economic times one could argue that surely families and partners should be pulled closer together and fight tooth and nail to help each other through tough financial times, as we have said that does not seem to be the case over the past few years and the recent news this week that the economy is in a worse state than at any time since the 1930s may only make matters worse.

That remains to be seen however, if you do have any concerns or suspicions that your partner may be unfaithful, please visit, Insight can offer a discreet, professional unfaithful partner investigation service to allay your fears and find out the truth to put your mind at ease either way.