What Makes a Good PI?

A real life private investigator is a far cry from the fictional characters we see on TV. The strange personality traits of Sherlock Holmes are great entertainment value, but a sociopathic genius with a drug habit would have trouble finding work in the real world of private investigation.

Although there are no set qualifications to become a private investigator, there are a number of necessary inter-personal skills that no successful PI can be without.

A good Private Investigator has skills, knowledge, training and ability to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively to a high standard

Observational Skills

First and foremost a good PI needs an inquisitive mind. This should be closely followed by the ability to remember the tiniest of details and not miss anything.

They need to be perceptive enough to read body language such as facial expressions, voice, gestures, posture and eye contact to understand a person’s emotional state.


Surveillance jobs may consist of hanging around for hours to get just one photo or a scrap of evidence. They can’t give up halfway through because they’re bored or they’ve got to take the kids swimming. Private investigation is not a 9 to 5 job. Some cases may require they work through the night and on the weekends, so flexibility is a must.

A good PI will also need a degree of patience with clients. They need to be able to listen carefully, filter important information they need and give impartial advice.


A private investigator spends every day immersed in secrets. The ability to obtain information discreetly is vital. They’ll also need to know how to deal with uncomfortable situations and act accordingly.

Technical Skills

Today’s world of private investigation is pretty high-tech. Computer and photography skills are necessary and also experience in the use of advanced software programmes, surveillance equipment.

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