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How To Tell If Someone’s Lying

We all lie from time to time, but some people are more accomplished at it than others. Unless you’re questioning Pinocchio, it may not always be easy to work out if someone is lying or not. When it comes to important issues such as relationships, employment or breaking the law, it’s important to be able to distinguish the truth from a lie.

If you know someone well you’ll probably know if they’re lying or not by changes in their voice, attitude and expressions. If they’re a relative stranger, it may be more difficult. Here’s a look at some of the obvious signs that someone is lying.


Many people shift their eyes from side to side when they’re lying. This is a primal ‘fight or flight’ reaction and could indicate they are subconsciously looking for an escape route.

Contrary to popular belief, avoiding eye contact doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is lying to you. In fact, people who lie are more inclined to look you straight in the eye as a way of over-compensating in an attempt to appear sincere.

Rapid blinking can indicate dishonesty. People tend to blink more than normal when they are lying.


Blushing is an indication that someone is lying. A sudden release in Adrenalin causes the face to redden. This occurs more in women than men.


People who aren’t used to lying tend to fill in the gaps with ‘umms’ and ‘errs’. Check for inconsistencies or contradictions in their story.

Lie Detectors

A polygraph test can be used to assess a person’s physiological responses to certain questions and determine whether they are lying or not. Polygraphs are more technologically advanced today and the accuracy rate is almost 100%.

Insight Investigations provide a polygraph testing service for clients. For more information contact our investigation team today.

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