Company Theft Cases Increase Again!

employee theft and company theft

This past week has seen a sharp rise in the numbers of enquiries and ongoing investigation cases into various types of company and employee theft.

As we have highlighted in the past, during tough financial times people are often forced into acting in a manner that they would never dream of to survive or boost their personal finances. The sad reality of this is that many previously trusted, long standing employees are under the spotlight due to the number of internal workplace thefts taking place throughout the UK.

It is unfortunately a problem facing all sizes of business, from small SME sized companies through to household, blue chip names. Company and employee theft is not just a recent problem, it has been occurring for many years however it is only recently that we are having to deal with a large number of daily and sometimes hourly calls and emails from distraught business owners.

The ramifications of such crimes can have implications from an individual level right through to the boardroom and beyond; imagine for example a business only just breaking even that become a victim of stock being stolen. This could put them under severe financial strain and possibly put them out of business. The result would be the employee committing the crime being even worse off due to no regular income and any other employees also under sever strain.

In large, multi-site corporations there have been instances reported of almost unbelievable internal theft cases, however large a company may be a case of theft where the monetary value is a six figure sum could result again in job losses and perhaps a business going under.

Insight are specialists in all types of commercial and corporate matters, we have a fantastic success rate when it comes employee theft investigations and company theft investigations. Not only have we helped to uncover evidence and prove instances of crimes being carried out, but we have also helped to recoup locate goods and indeed money.

We hope that this trend does not continue as it has a damaging impact on the UK economic recovery, if however you do feel that your business may be a victim of company theft please do not hesitate to contact us or for more information visit