What Can You Do about Observation Right Now?

Observation is one of the most effective options of gathering objective evidence that’s convincing in a court of law. It should always be done professionally though, otherwise it might be illegal itself.

Correctly acquired evidence using the latest observation techniques can provide compelling material for court proceedings. It can uncover insurance scams or fraudulent benefit claims, or simply build up a behaviour narrative in order to illustrate a track record of wrongdoing.

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What Types of Observation Are Available?

Observation is the best-known skill of a private investigator, and there are a number of different options depending on the situation.

Static Observation

This involves watching a property to see who comes and goes. Maybe watching a location where fly tipping has been carried out, for example. It’s all glamour!

To be effective, the agent must be discreet and blend in with their surroundings so they don’t attract attention.

Mobile Observation

The same goes for mobile observation, which is about watching a moving target such as an individual or vehicle to see where they go and what they do.

Such methods are particularly appropriate when investigating business irregularities or matrimonial infidelity.

Covert Observation

Something for the actors among us! The agent goes undercover into a working environment in order to glean evidence in clear sight.

This might involve having a cover story and gaining the confidence of the target, before obtaining the required information through informal chat and being party to workplace gossip.

High-Tech Methods

Most Observation skills are quite traditional: watching, following and taking photographs.

Increasingly though, the modern world demands a high-tech approach to information gathering. Today, such things as GPS for vehicle tracking can provide a much safer, less obtrusive means of tracking your target.

Whatever information you need, observation will be a big part of the process. To find out more about the observations we provide, contact Insight Investigations today.