The Big Issue of Observation

observation investigations
This week has once again seen more spotlight thrust onto the private investigator industry, obviously the ongoing News of The World and News International phone hacking scandal continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds due to intense media coverage, however this week saw mentions of the issue of observation in the private investigator industry.

Rupert Murdoch, the head of News International has apologised for his news organisations using private investigators to track and undertake observation investigations on various celebrities and well known names such as parliament members.

The question from our industry point of view is; What is wrong with observation as long as it has a purpose and is legal?

As a private investigation agency with over 30 years experience in many types of observation operations, Insight can without any shadow of doubt state that all of our observation operations and services have very valid and legal motives behind them. For example, we might have to undertake a commercial observation operation to analyse, gather evidence and report back on employee absenteeism or perhaps be instructed to carry out a discreet observation of a potential unfaithful partner.

After all if the issue of observation is causing such as stir then perhaps people should start to remember that the role of a private investigator and perhaps even journalists who use private investigators legally to uncover the truth behind many illegal and illicit goings on such as betting fraud, money laundering and high profile affairs has helped in the prosecution of criminals.

It is worth remembering that legal observation is not being undertaken to exploit or damage the reputation of an individual, it is a service provided by private investigators to uncover the truth and gather much needed evidence for many different scenarios.

In summary it would be sensible for the media and politicians to act in a responsible way when it comes to criticising observation, it is not long ago that politicians were under the spotlight for claiming benefits and expenses fraudulently whilst the media are still under the spotlight for undertaking illegal phone hacking activities.