Infidelity: When to Call the Detective Agency

Every relationship has its own unique problems “ does yours need professional help from our private investigations agency? The scars of former infidelity run deep, but when does paranoia become reason? Here are a few signs to look out for before you jump to any conclusions about your partner. Also, bear in mind that there can be a perfectly reasonable explanation for even the most suspicious-looking indication of unfaithful activity.

1. Discovery of your partner having a second mobile phone or secret email account. However, remember that some people just need their privacy.

2. Absent days from work you didn’t know about.

3. Physical signs e.g. unfamiliar smell, unaccountable scratches or marks “ unless your partner is famously clumsy of course!

4. Generally erratic or jumpy behaviour. But remember, this could be because of something completely innocent like planning a surprise party for you or stress at work.

5. Friends or colleagues of your partner behave strangely in your presence.

In the case of you still harbouring suspicions, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before calling us in. Firstly, what is the emotional state of your relationship? An honest conversation with your partner could be all you need to revoke those doubts.

The pillars of a successful detective agency include objectivity and discretion. During private investigations our agents operate with complete neutrality. If you’ve not used a private investigations service before please don’t worry about the etiquette; we’re really much more relaxed and approachable than the stereotype of a detective agency might convey!?