The Reality of Honey Traps

It was with great interest that we read an article recently on the service known as honey traps. The story centred on an all female private detective agency who specialise in offering honey trap services, in plain terms, they basically pay a woman to try and make someone’s partner flirt and show unfaithful tendencies with them as proof of infidelity.

The article seemed to glorify this service as one that is all about the great service that such detective agencies offer to other women that will prove infidelity. In reality, these types of investigations can actually cause more harm than good and perhaps create infidelity; or what looks to be infidelity when there has never previously been one.

We are the first to admit that unfaithful partner investigations have real value but we would not dream of offering honey trap investigations. The all female agency themselves were formed by a woman who suspected her husband of being unfaithful a few years ago who claimed she could not find anything but male private investigators who didn’t want to sympathise with her enquiry.

Insight simply do not offer a honey trap service due to the morals of the service, after all, it could be deemed as a form of prostitution, paying an attractive lady to seduce a male or vice versa.

Such stories really do our industry more harm than good, with anything like proper research the said lady would have found investigations agencies such as Insight where we have a mixed team of male and female private investigators available for consultation and have had for many years.

Again another point raised was the benefit of the honey trap being streamed live to the “victim”, surely offering such a service could create a really serious incident at either the scene of the event or perhaps when the male partner arrived home. Would this service really then be seen as a professional one if there was an assault or perhaps a murder scene as a result of a honey trap?

Insight would advise any female or male for that matter to seriously consider the repercussions that honey traps can have, sending a stunning young female to throw herself at a man would obviously flatter him and probably be met with a little bit of flirting naturally. The same could probably be said about a stunning male chatting up a woman on a hen do; would it not be better to actually offer and implement a well thought out surveillance operation that would actually uncover real infidelity?

If you do suspect your partner of unfaithfulness and would like to uncover real concrete evidence one way or the other through a well executed unfaithful partner investigation service, please do not hesitate to give us a call today, we offer experienced, highly trained male and female investigators to deal with your needs as required in a professional manner.

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