arrowA Warning To Copyright Criminals

detective johnson copyright criminals


It has come to our attention over the past few weeks that many sites on the web claiming to be private investigators or detective agencies are acting in an illegal manner by breaking copyright laws and stealing our own unique content from our website. As well as content plagiarism have this week also found a website that has stolen our exact menu structure, footer, images and also links back to our website due to the mechanics of our content and site setup.

Not only is it our site that is being affected, certain sites are putting industry related logos to investigator associations such as WAPI, ABI and even going as far as saying they are members of the British Chamber of Commerce and linking themselves to the Police.

This type of activity will not be tolerated by Insight, fellow legitimate investigators and certainly not by our industry associations.

If you do happen to be searching the internet it is likely you may see websites that have similar content to our website, in terms of both wording and graphics. No matter how many warnings you place about copyright it is inevitable that these unprofessional site owners will still steal content and imagery.

Insight wish to stress that no matter how well these sites have managed to copy our website, their service will never be up to our standard and recognised with decades of experience, training and success stories to back us up. We would also like to make it crystal clear that a cheap imitation website will not provide you with a legitimate, professional service and could leave you out-of-pocket financially, emotionally stressed due to choosing to work with a bogus site and having to start your problems all over again.

Dealing with Insight Investigations means you are dealing with a professional detective agency with massive experience throughout the investigator sector, high morals and ethics to provide you with the best service possible legally.

We hope that this type of activity can be stamped out for the good of the investigator industry, our clients and overall internet experience. [See image at the top of the post for an example of the type of business stealing our graphics and cheaply altering them as an example]