arrowComputer Forensic Services and Child Safety

In these days of internet domination and the amount of time children spend on computers as part of their education and social life, it is vital that you, as parents, have a clear picture and access to your child’s daily online activity to ensure that your children are safe.

More and more we hear about adults posing as younger people to befriend and groom targets for illegal sexual activity.  In the past few years, there have been some very real horror stories in the form of kidnappings, underage sex and even murder as a result of children having access to the internet and making “friends” with internet predators.

Insight understand the seriousness of making sure that your children are aware of the dangers online and making sure that anybody they connect and socialise with through social networking sites are who they say they are. For this reason, we offer a full range of computer forensic services that could be a vital safety factor in child safety when browsing the web.

Computer forensics can unlock the hidden secrets of a hard drive that could be missed due to web history, emails or online chats being deleted; first hand information that has been deleted is still accessible through the memory on a computer hard drive. It is not to say that your children are engaging in potentially dangerous online activities but it is always worth knowing that you have an option that can give you peace of mind and confirm your child’s safety.

Of course, as children progress through their teenage years and education they will become more aware of the dangers of online criminal activity and sexual predators, knowing that you have an option to monitor and offer them increased protection is a great benefit that Insight can offer. We undertake regular training and attend courses to raise our awareness of the behaviour of sexual predators and criminals online which means that we can offer an unrivalled, up to date pool of knowledge in the area of computer forensic services.