arrowDiversity Is The Name Of The Game

Many people often ask Insight how we have managed to survive in the private investigator industry for so many years.  There are a number of answers which we could give however having a high element of diversity has been a major factor behind our long-standing success and longevity in the sector.

For example many detective agencies may only consist of a single or at most a couple of members of staff with specific skill sets.  If an enquiry comes in which goes over the remit of the said agency it is likely that the business will be lost or if the job is taken on it will not be a successful operation. Insight have always believed in having a multi skilled team of operatives with experience across the board when it comes to investigations, this ethic means that we can rightly call ourselves a full service investigation agency.

Being able to handle any legal enquiry has meant that we can often offer a solution to more than just the problem at hand and quite often this has seen us generate lots of repeat and referral business from our clients both private and commercial alike. Most people will prefer to work with a detective agency who get the job done whilst working to strict morals and ethics to obtain results, being able to offer an under one roof solution saves time, resources and hassle.

Since we launched the business the world has changed massively.  It is now one of huge technological advances that throw up many cases and exciting new challenges every day.  Making sure our investigators are up to date with modern criminal and investigation methods is a vital part of our role. We recently spoke about how social media has become a vital cog in an investigator’s arsenal; indeed keeping up to date and ahead of the game using such methods is crucial to any investigation agency.

Years ago the industry was seen as a male dominated sector.  Again as with being up to speed on modern technology and criminal techniques we have always made sure that we have in-house male and female operatives so that we can offer an either sex solution should the enquiry present itself.

In summary we are a traditional private detective agency who embrace and utilise modern methods whilst also maintaining the maximum degree of responsibility and ethics working within the letter of the law. We would hope these ethics will ensure that Insight is around for many years to come!