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How to Spot a Liar

Almost as common as telling the truth, lies can be heard day in day out in every home and business. Not all lies are meant to be taken seriously or to cause any negative situations as a result of whatever the false tale may be; however there are times when knowing how to spot a liar could save you lots of emotional and financial distress.

Anybody who says that have never bent the truth slightly to enhance a story or to impress their friends is obviously lying! However, these types of lies are not the sort that will cause any problems; they may just make you look a bit silly when the truth is revealed.

Lies that are told in relationships, within the workplace and after a serious event have occurred will no doubt have negative ramifications either emotionally, financially or perhaps even both.

Since the start of the financial crisis many people have turned to deceit to target what they deem as vulnerable individuals.  Organised crime rings have created scams based on lies and the rate of affairs and divorce has also increased.

Here we look at some sure fire methods and ways of how to spot a liar to ensure that you do not fall victim to a lie.

The Signs

One of the most obvious signs of a liar is that they will not put up any front or passionate argument in their defence of any accusations. Imagine if you were accused of something you did not do, it would invoke inner passion and leave you wanting to find out more about why you are being accused.

A liar will more than likely not argue but look to change the flow of the conversation to detract from the primary issue. Any answers given will more than likely not be a short accurate one, but a long winded explanation that should immediately stink of lies.

Facial expressions are another massive factor in a liar’s response to questioning. Imagine a scenario again where you are wrongly accused, there would be a total look of shock and perhaps anger on your face. A liar will remain expressionless and be more concerned with thinking of how to cover their tracks.

Physical contact and posture naturally are also very big tell-tale signs when learning how to spot a liar. Someone telling the truth will be very animated with not just their facial but also body movements, their hands or arms may come into contact with you during a response and their posture will be an open one. In the majority of cases liars will try to put distance between you and them whilst adopting a withdrawn, hunched over position that stinks of being on the defence.

Not everybody can tell a lie straightaway or even after a series of almost unbelievable lies, not everybody wants to ascertain the truth. Some people have increased levels of perception and will know almost immediately when somebody is telling a lie.

If you have any suspicions that your partner, a friend, employee, potential employment candidate or anybody for that matter are approaching you with lies that could cause you or your business damage, you must act on those fears.

Insight offers a wide range of services to assist with lie detection such as background checks and polygraph testing. If you have any doubts and need extra assistance please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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