arrowInvestors Being Targeted By Scams

Frequent investors into potential high profile and high return on investment projects are being targeted by networks of criminals offering investment opportunities that will never materialise. This information was recently published online and via print media by the FSA otherwise known as the Financial Services Authority in a bid to thwart attempts to con people out of money.

The FSA have managed to obtain lists of people including personal details that could be massively exploited by criminals who will offer bogus opportunities to invest into unauthorised projects such as land, property and even company shares. The chances are that if you happen to be contacted and invest money that it will never materialise into a project that does indeed prove a worthwhile investment and you could lose a large amount of money.

Most major banks and the FSA are working in cohesion to work with investors to ensure that they do not get ripped off if they are targeted and letters have been sent out by the FAS to warn the people and companies named on the lists of targets.

As the recession continues Insight can vouch for the amount of instances we deal with including personal and commercial scams.We would advise anyone who suspects a potential investment could indeed be bogus to perhaps consider not only seeking advice from sources such as the FSA or your bank but to also consider how a private investigation service such as an individual or company background check on the people offering the investment could help.

Of course as scams evolve it is likely that the methods of the criminals will also change, for this reason Insight attend regular training courses and put into practice new methods to ensure we can deal with any related enquiry.

If you are worried about any potential scam or are just unsure of somebody who is offering you or your business a too good to be true opportunity please do not hesitate to get in touch.