arrowPrivate Detectives Publicity Should Go Both Ways

The last week has seen yet another blow and negative revelations surrounding the private detectives industry. Channel 4 News and a Dispatches undercover programme were both aired with two private detective agency operatives being thrust into the spotlight for what were deemed as illegal services being offered and discussed.

Okay, nobody in the industry operating legally within the UK actually condones illegal activities, however the time has come for the press, broadcasters and general public alike should be made aware of the great services private detectives offer that assist both private and commercial clients day in day out where others can not.

Would it not make sense in these dark and uncertain times to let the general public know about above-board success stories in our industry? Of course it would!

At this present time many people are now very sceptical and possibly afraid of the industry due to all this negative press and media spotlight.  Surely easing people’s worries and showing them the true and legitimate side of the sector would benefit the nation as a whole and help people to decide which detective agencies operate legally within the law and can offer them a great service.

Unfortunately this pattern of simply blowing up the negative side of our sector just pushes people’s opinions of private detectives down even more than they already are. It also causes direct problems for companies such as Insight in that we get an influx of phone calls and requests from people asking us if we can carry out illegal services!

As an experienced and legitimate detective agency we would not entertain the idea of undertaking illegal operations so do not need a wave of requests on the day of these programmes, articles and negative revelations as it wastes our time and also the member of the public or commercial entity who are contacting us.

Hopefully we will see some of the positive news being published in the very near future alongside negative stories in the sector; as we all know in the UK and globally, it is easier to report on bad news than good news, as it sells!