arrowPrivate Investigator Regulation is not just a UK Problem

It is with great interest that Insight read an article in The Express Tribune yesterday. The article was focusing on private investigators in Karachi. It would appear that as with the UK’s current problem of the private investigator sector not being regulated, it seems that Pakistan is suffering similar problems.  This is leading to calls from genuine, experienced private investigators to regulate the industry by law.

As with the UK, the article described the private investigator industry in Pakistan as one that is thriving, with many investigators setting up a business in the knowledge that there is an opportunity for great financial gain in a short space of time. Also on a similar note to the UK, Pakistan has a problem with these “private investigators” not having any real investigation experience and offering illegal services to clients and potential clients alike.

The shocking revelations from a Karachi based private investigator revealed that he had supposedly been working on behalf of the FIA and intelligence agencies in the city whilst infiltrating companies to blackmail them in the pretext of being there on official tax evasion duties. Due to none regulation of private investigators in Pakistan, these types of instances have become a regular occurrence.

One former police inspector in Pakistan says that a lot of the so-called “private investigators” acting in this way are actually informers or touts of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. They are not official employees or contracted to the legitimate agencies but will use their links to them to settle scores for financial gain.

Articles such as the one in The Express Tribune are extremely common in the UK as we all know.  Insight have been big supporters of industry regulation for many years and will continue to fight for fair and proper lawful regulation of the private investigator industry in the UK. There are countries such as the USA who do regulate private investigators but the laws and regulations vary from state to state which is a complex issue. It does however prove that any country or region enforcing strict regulations in the private investigator sector will not tolerate illegal activities and will withdraw licences of any individual or company operating in this way.

Hopefully, one day soon, this issue will be dealt with in the UK and across the globe.