arrowSafety Tips For The Olympics

london olympics

The 2012 London Olympics are just around the corner, the opening ceremony being only a few weeks away on the 27th July. Obviously it is a massive event for the whole nation and the eyes of the world will be watching. With such promotion and popularity comes a negative element of criminal activity looking to capitalise on people’s good nature. Here are a few safety tips for the Olympics to prevent you from suffering financial or emotional strain.

One of the most popular criminal scams for any big event are fake or over priced ticket sellers both online and offline, sometimes known as touts. The individuals will either be looking to charge extortionate prices for genuine tickets at sometimes thousands of times their face value or will have fake copies of genuine tickets that will not gain you entry to any event if the right security checks are carried out.

Many websites have been shut down over the past few months for selling tickets illegitimately however it is impossible for the Police to find every single site in such a short space of time. Desperate fans of the Olympics looking to get a last minute ticket may however fall victim. Always check with official Olympic websites to find out who genuine sellers are, they usually have a link to a website checker that will determine if the site is fake or real.

As with tickets, advertising and sponsorship are two areas that could be exploited by criminals. Businesses in the past have been cold-called out of the blue by people claiming to be associated with big events such as the Olympics offering what seem like great deals on advertising and event sponsorship. As with anything, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

These types of criminals will have one aim in mind, to take your hard earned money! Report any suspicious phone calls to event organisers or the Police to help establish and prevent further instances of such activity.

Again, like websites, emails present an easy chance for criminals to associate themselves with big events. The motive will again be money so please be mindful and use common sense when reading an email before either clicking a link or responding.

As a private detective agency, Insight can offer experienced advice and services on such matters by carrying out checks to see if people are who they say they are, these checks can help prevent you from falling victim to scammers and criminals. If you would like more information please contact us today.

Enjoy the Olympics!