arrowStay Safe at Festive Parties

With Christmas comes an increased amount of celebrations, social events and in most circumstances alcohol consumption which means that people can behave out of character and also not be as wary about surroundings and others as when completely sober. Insight have been advising individuals and groups collectively about personal security and safety for many years and it is crucial during the Christmas period that some personal safety rules are adhered to when at Christmas parties, which will ensure you remain safe throughout the holiday period.

Making sure that you do not let alcohol rule over personal safety is the golden rule. This may mean drinking within your limits to ensure that your judgement is not affected which would increase the risk of danger. Accepting drinks from strangers is also an area that you need to be wary of. If you do accept a drink you need to watch the person buying it to make sure it has not been tampered with, this is known as “spiking” and young females are often the targets. This leads on to the next crucial safety point related to drink, never leave a drink unattended and if you do leave it alone for any amount of time simply buy a new one so that you know it hasn’t been spiked or mixed with stronger alcohol.

Of course parties and social events will lead to meeting new people, however it is wise not to reveal too much personal information or bond too closely the first time you meet someone. If you do feel a positive connection with someone try to arrange a follow up date or introduce them into your crowd so that people can keep an eye on you and the new friend at all times. If you meet somebody who is giving you a negative feeling it would be wise to keep your distance and not get involved in any conversation or interaction.

Try not to accept a lift or invite someone you have just met to your home if just you and the said person are present. You do not know this person so it would be really silly to let them into your home to potentially carry out a number of crimes that could affect you personally in many ways, crimes such as rape, theft, criminal damage and assault have all been attributed to previous Christmas periods where somebody has made themselves vulnerable and let a stranger into their home.

Sticking to these guidelines should ensure that you enjoy and stay safe at any Christmas parties you attend, if you have any questions around personal safety please contact Insight by visiting, we have over 30 years experience in personal safety operations so can offer a discreet, professional advice and protection service.