arrowThe End of Rogue Private Investigators?

After an extremely tense 12 months for the private investigator industry as a whole, it feels like our sector is finally coming out of the dark times and real moves are being made in the right direction.

More revelations are brought to light daily as the ongoing public enquiry into the use of rogue private investigators by The News of The World continues to uncover more illegal operations. However the past few months have seen some positive movements with members of legitimate private detective agencies, PI association bodies and key Government figures working in cohesion to create a brighter future for the industry.

We at Insight have been involved in the public enquiry with our director and Vice Chairman of WAPI Tony Smith giving evidence and discussing the state of the industry with Lord Leveson and the urgent need for strict regulation as soon as possible. There are also upcoming invites for Insight and WAPI to attend that we will shed light on over the next few days as more evidence that finally after years of campaigning legitimate private investigators calls for regulation are being taken seriously.

It should be an interesting few months when the path for governing the sector as a whole are agreed. We can only hope and pray that this indeed will be the case and it is implemented in the right way.

However the next few weeks and months pan out, one thing is for certain; rogue private investigators are firmly in the spotlight and are now being punished for the severity of their illegal actions like never before. This profession is not one that should be entered lightly simply to make quick financial gain through offering illegal services such as hacking and blagging; being a professional private investigator requires years of experience, training and an ethic to only operate in a legal and legitimate manner.

We shall see what the future holds!