arrowThe Imposter and The Private Detective

It has been widely known for a long time that it was a private detective who was responsible for discovering and providing vital evidence that serial imposter Frederic Bourdin was impersonating a missing American schoolboy named Nicolas Barclay, who vanished in 1994 in Texas.

Now, 18 years later this story has been hitting the headlines across the world due to the release of a film called The Imposter. The film has been directed by a British director and tells the story of how Bourdin managed to persuade Police, a local school and unbelievably the family of the missing boy that he was their son.

After hiring a private detective, the family of Nicolas Barclay learned that Bourdin was a serial imposter of children from all over many different European countries and that he was not their son. Many people will be intrigued as to how this chain of events actually presented Bourdin with the opportunity to falsely claim to be the missing American child. He was actually initially found by Police in Spain in a phone box in 1997. From this moment he convinced the family and various authorities that he was indeed Nicolas Barclay.

For more than three months the pretence was continued before the private detective, Charlie Parker, confronted the imposter and got the truth from him.

The movie was shown at a pre-release screening in London exactly one week ago. Such was the interest in the truth of how someone that was seven years older and had completely different features to the missing child could fool authorities and the family, that Charlie Parker was invited along to give his insight and feelings on the matter.

Instances such as this controversial incident will always draw different opinions and thoughts from people; in this instance Parker felt the family knew more about the boy’s disappearance than they were letting on and that their son was actually dead. He also feels that the body is located in San Antonio and that it could lie in one of a number of locations that he is still looking to explore.

The main character of the movie and in the real life story Bourdin has recently given an interview where he said the family knew he was not their missing son and he also told Police under interview that the mother and uncle of the missing child were heavily involved in the disappearance. The film is also quite heavily influenced and suggests the family may have had more to do with this than is currently known.

As an ongoing investigation, it is certainly going to be an interesting film to watch and analyse, especially if the truth does ever come out sometime soon. It just goes to show how important private detectives can be in helping to gather evidence and offer proof that leads to arrests and of course helping to try and locate missing persons.

To watch the official trailer of The Imposter please press play on the video below