arrowThe Real Impact of Christmas and New Year on Families

We all associate Christmas and the New Year as a time of joy, celebration and spending time with your children, friends and of course loved ones. This all sounds great on the cover but when you look deeper under the surface into the actual family based statistics you will see that the New Year always begins with a higher rate of divorce than any other time of year.

A recent tabloid article from a leading national newspaper featured the views of divorce lawyers, judges and statistics from the last few years relating to divorce after the Christmas and New Year holiday season into January when compared to the rest of the year. Quite alarmingly one specialist divorce lawyer stated that on average they can get between 30 to 40 cases of people calling and looking into the possibility of a divorce in January, when compared to the rest of the year’s average from the same firm of 11, people really should be taking notice.

It is not just the impact divorce has on married life that is of concern at this time of year, it is also the ongoing, long term damage it can cause to children who can be left emotionally scarred at the prospect and reality of their parents breaking up. As private investigators we too can confirm that this time of year is indeed a time of increased calls, emails and call back requests from our potential clients looking into some form of partner or matrimonial investigation to assist a divorce case or to prove an infidelity.

This tends to come about from early to mid-December when there are lots of office parties and increased suspicions in the workplace between co-workers who have consumed more alcohol than usual and let themselves go more than they usually would. It also seems people are more suspicious of full blown workplace affairs between their partners and a colleague. Of course not all these suspicions prove to be true and can be completely unfounded. However, it does raise the question of the strain and real impact that the Christmas and New Year has on families.

Maybe partners should be a bit more trusting with one another or perhaps they have reason to suspect there is wrong doing in their relationship, or should people look back to vintage ethics of sticking by your life partner through thick and thin regardless for the sake of the family and stability. The modern day sees more and more cases of divorce each year. A change in society and its mentality towards such issues will play a big part as not many people are that forgiving of full blown affairs or even a one off drunken kiss at an office Christmas party.

If you do have any fears of your partner having an affair or just have a feeling of doubt, it is always worth speaking with a private investigator agency who specialise in family and relationship investigations. These types of operations are carried out with maximum confidentiality and the highest level of discreetness so as not to alarm anybody.

A relationship, matrimonial or infidelity investigation could be just the answer to proving there is no need to suspect your partner of being unfaithful as the evidence of a successful investigation could prove they are innocent and prevent any further judgement or indeed actions that lead to a divorce. Insight specialise in these types of investigations and would recommend you visit for more information on our services.