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How to Catch someone being unfaithful

The chances are that if you have genuine suspicions that your partner is being unfaithful, then they probably are. This is because most people aren’t stupid and the truth is often really quite obvious. In fact, statistics show that women who suspect their male partners of infidelity are correct up to 85% of the time, while men are right at least half the time.

When you have your suspicions, your instinct may be to try and uncover the truth yourself, but this is rarely a good idea because:

* you may alert your partner to your suspicions, causing them to become even more secretive

* you may alert your partner to your suspicions, causing them to end the affair – this may sound like a positive outcome, but for a lot of people, the idea of never knowing if they were right and that their partner was being unfaithful, can be a form of torture, and the relationship may never be the same again

* the whole idea of snooping around after your partner – the person you most probably still love – is just simply too heartbreaking

The most effective, time-efficient and emotionally painless thing you can do is to hire a private investigator. At Insight, we have a team of male and female private detectives who are highly experienced in such matters and professionally trained to be discreet and sensitive to your requirements. They are able to gather information and observation on your partner and either assuage your suspicions or, more likely, confirm them with hard evidence, with which you can then move forward in whichever manner you see fit.

Remember, the chances are, if you’re reading these words, your suspicions are already pretty high, and according to the law of averages, you’re probably right.

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Whatever you do, it’s probably not wise to confront your partner without proof, or else you’re most probably going to end up in that scene in a million movies, when your partner laughs at your silliness and denies everything. Unfortunately, you know that if they are being unfaithful to you,then they definitely have no problem lying to your face.

If you’re still not quite ready to call in an expert to help you, maybe it’s time to run through a quick checklist of behaviour patterns to watch out for. If you can answer yes to three or more of these, it’s definitely time to find out for sure.

Is Your Partner being Unfaithful? Answer These 10 Questions and Find Out.

  1. Have they changed their habits for no easily identifiable reason?

Maybe they’re not coming home from work at the same time anymore? Maybe they’re staying out late a couple of nights a week? Or maybe you’ve noticed them leaving home much earlier in the mornings these days? Are they suddenly missing out on breakfast fairly regularly? If they are and they’re somewhat defensive when you ask them about it … strike one.

  1. Are they suddenly invited on a lot more business trips?

Of course it’s such a huge cliché that you may feel silly for even having your suspicions, but the reason it’s a cliché is because … well, it’s very common. It may be a conference, a training weekend or even just a meeting with a client, but if it’s happening more and more regularly and the idea of turning it into a trip for the two of you is never a possibility… your suspicions may be founded.

  1. Can your partner not join you for holidays or family events anymore?

If your partner is suddenly rarely involved in holidays, dinner parties or other friend or family get-togethers, there could be a reason. Especially if they say they want to stay home for some reason or another, but insist you go out without them.

  1. Are they suddenly working late all the time?

A lot of people do work late a lot – especially in this perpetual recession – but they do tend to get paid for it. So if your partner is working late all the time but there’s no consequent rise in money coming in, you might have call to be concerned. This is especially likely if they won’t discuss what they’re working on and if they get home and go straight to sleep.

  1. Is there a surprising lack of money around these days?

Affairs are an expensive business – this is particularly true of men, who are still more likely to want to pay for the gifts and the dinners and the secret getaways. Other related questions worth asking: Is there suddenly lots of secrecy surrounding shared finances? Is your partner suddenly protective of the contents of their wallet or bag? Remember, where there is secrecy, there are secrets.

  1. Is your partner suddenly taking much more care of their appearance?

Whether they’re wearing new clothes or jewellery, new perfume or aftershave, or just paying particular attention to their grooming habits, the reason could be another person. Have they joined a gym? Have they asked you to go with them? Are you sure they’re even going there when they say they do?

  1. Does your partner come home at night apparently as clean and fresh as when they left in the morning?

Few partners being unfaithful would be dumb enough to come home stinking of their lover, which means a great many choose to shower before coming home. Of course this is just as much of a giveaway. Only someone with something to hide comes home smelling of soap every night.

  1. Do they keep getting caught in pointless little lies?

Big lies are often hidden away beneath lots of little lies. If your partner is lying to you but it seems really pointless, the point may well be that they’re seeing someone else.

  1. Is your partner evasive, defensive and unnecessarily prickly?

Have they become much more irritable and argumentative than they used to be? Do they get angry when you surprise them at work? Do they jump down your throat when you ask them how their day was or how their evening was? Does it seem like they never want to talk to you about their lives anymore? You are right to be suspicious.

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