Andy Coulson Detained by Police Over Alleged Perjury

andy coulson

Former News of The World editor Andy Coulson has been detained by Strathclyde Police over an alleged incident of perjury relating to a case involving Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan.

It is another twist in what has become an ongoing saga of lies, deceit and general illegal activities. Mr Coulson was amongst the witnesses who gave evidence in a perjury trial against Mr Sheridan back in 2010, the outcome of the trial saw Tommy Sheridan sentenced to jail for three years; he was ultimately released this January after serving just 12 months.

At the time of the trial Andy Coulson was working for Downing Street in a capacity of Director of Communications. Mr Coulson was questioned over a period of two days over his knowledge about the News of The World using a private investigator to infiltrate and hack Mr Sheridan’s personal data.

If indeed the allegation proves to be true it could spell even more trouble for a man who has been in the spotlight for a number of years and has also given evidence in the ongoing private investigators enquiry this year.

One thing is for sure, these allegations of law breaking are not being tolerated in the UK and look likely to be punished in a more severe manner than ever before. Perhaps the degree of attention the Government, Police and general public are paying to such crimes will help in our ongoing battle for proper regulation and the battle to stamp out rogue private investigators.

It is a great shame that these types of instances keep occurring, let us all hope that positive news is not too far away!