Another Week Of Developments

news of the world private investigator arrests

Last week was again an interesting one for the private investigator industry, more high profile arrests were made as part of multiple ongoing investigations into different forms of hacking, illegal activity by journalists and public officials underhand payments.

At this moment in time it seems that there is no set in stone end to these fresh incidents occuring and that it is likely to be some time before we hear the end of hacking and illegal activity allegations and charges in the news.

This time it was former New of The World executive Alex Marunchak and a private investigator, Jonathan Rees of Southern Investigations. Both men were arrested last week on Tuesday evening in connection with an investigation called Operation Kalmyk which is focusing specifically on the issue of computer hacking and journalists involvement.

These arrests now bring the total to 16 in connection with this Metropolitan Police enquiry, a betting person would no doubt put their money on there being more over the course of the next few weeks and months as this saga continues to roll on.

Whilst it is great to see people who have undertaken cases and acted in an illegal manner being punished it really does the image of our profession more harm than good in the eyes of the public and media. As we posted last week, Insight attended a private investigator seminar and we are all waiting with anticipation for the outcome of these various enquiries and a progression towards licensing in the sector.

On the flip side coverage of such arrests also helps the cause of trying to get a firm answer on licensing as it must surely create more urgency at the highest levels with the powers that be.

Keeping on the subject it a good to see that a date has been set by The Old Bailey for Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks to appear to answer charges of phone hacking allegations. It’s another positive sign that the Government, Police and courts of law will no longer tolerate or ignore these type of activity.

Along with the now infamous Glenn Mulcaire and 5 other media related individuals, they will both be subject to the intensity of a trial that is sure to get a huge amount of media coverage and again see punishment handed out as a result of instances of hacking over a numbers of years.

For now it really does seem like things are progressing in the right way for the investigation industry and that there is light at the end of this previously never ending tunnel!