FBI Offer Reward for Missing Private Investigator

The FBI have offered a huge reward for information that could help track down and locate a former FBI Agent who went missing in the Middle East in 2007.

Robert Levinson was thought to be acting as a private investigator and working on a cigarette smuggling case at the time of his disappearance, information from both his family and US officials have confirmed that the operation was being undertaken for a private client.

In December 2011 a video was released showing the ex FBI special agent alive but looking to have suffered physical changes in appearance such as weight loss since his disappearance. Being filmed from inside a cell Mr Levinson said he had been held captive for 3 years and made an appeal to the US Government to help him after his many years of service to his country and the Government.

Instances such as these are extremely rare in the private investigator industry but it does go to show how dangerous the life and operations undertaken by even the most highly trained and experienced investigators can be.

The appeal of being a private investigator appeals to many ex-military, police or servicemen and women simply because they feel that it can be a nice little earner after leaving the forces. There is no doubt that a percentage of new investigators may indeed have the skills and experience for the role, however, Insight would always advise people to consider the dangers that investigating brings.

One major consideration is the amount of time you may have to spend alone, this can leave you not just feeling vulnerable, but also vulnerable as you may not be aware that you yourself are being watched.

Insight hopes that the release of Robert Levinson is secured and he can go back to his family in good health as soon as possible. It is never nice to see a fellow investigator in danger or go missing during an operation.