Here We Go Again!

katie holmes and tom cruise

It is with interest, almost with laughter we see the daily goings on from around the world and seeing the names “private detectives” or “private investigators” attached to news headlines.

This week yet again, as recent as only a couple of hours ago, has seen Glenn Mulcaire lose his fight to keep his hacking sources a secret, MPs calling for retired Police officers to wait at least one year before becoming a private investigator and possibly the most bizarre weekly headline; acting star Katie Holmes fearing that her husband, another Hollywood legend Tom Cruise, has been using private detectives to spy on her in a bid to lure her daughter into the religion of Scientology.

With a great deal of relief we can thankfully say none of this has directly affected Insight and we hope that once again this week of the spotlight again being shone over our industry is a one-off as apposed to the full blown media campaign of the last twelve months.

It is typical that just as things are beginning to settle down and there is seemingly a light at the end of a dark tunnel, that it all blows up again almost one year to the day that the whole phone hacking scandal thrust the investigation sector into a spiral of negativity.

Obviously this weeks headlines are not as high impact as the goings on in July 2011 and they actually show signs of real progression for the industry, well apart from the Katie Holmes fears!

Hopefully the news that links between Police corruption and an element of private investigation being exposed will further help to clean up illegal goings on in the short term and also help to repair the public opinion of the sector. Likewise it is great to see that disgraced “investigator” Glenn Mulcaire cannot hide his sources, it shows to the public and industry as a whole that nothing can be swept under the carpet and any illegal activities will be exposed.

We cannot wait to see what next week brings!