Insight Attend Home Office Meeting

Insight Director Tony Smith, along with other representatives of the private investigator industry and associations, attended a meeting with the Under Secretary for Equalities Lynne Featherstone. Amongst other attendees were a Bank of England representative.

The meeting allowed an opportunity for Ms Featherstone to understand and explore expert industry opinions surrounding any potential problems in licensing the private investigator profession and moving the sector forwards after the negative cloud over the industry for over 12 months.

Each attendee introduced themselves and provided a synopsis of our backgrounds and day to day duties before discussing the main issue of licensing. It was agreed across the board that self-regulation would not be the way to go. Our summary would be that Ms Featherstone was grateful for our input and took on board our concerns; however, the hour meeting was nowhere near long enough to really explore what action needs to be taken.

We can only hope that when licensing steps are taken, they are progressed correctly.