June Success Stories

The month of June 2012 has been an excellent month or Insight throughout in terms of cases being successfully completed in the correct manner whilst at all times adhering to the letter of the law.

We thought that it would be interesting to highlight a few cases that involved different investigation techniques to successfully gather evidence and help our clients with their concerns.

Case 1 – A male client had suspicions that his female partner was being unfaithful with a fellow work colleague as she had been making lots of excuses not to see him over the weekend which was against the norm. These included visiting her poorly mother and having an early night home alone.

After conducting observations late at night we knew the exact time the work colleague was due to end his shift, at 14:30 in the morning we saw the female partner arriving home looking glamorous in appearance with the suspected work colleague, all the signs pointed to the pair enjoying a night out behind her partners back prior to shutting themselves away for remainder of the night.

Upon presenting this evidence our client decided to end the relationship as his suspicions had been proved true.

Case 2 – A male contacted Insight with concerns that his wife’s behaviour had changed dramatically and that she had become very defensive in conversation whilst also causing arguments at any given opportunity.

Due to this dramatic shift in normal behaviour the male believed that his wife may be having an affair and had extra concerns that the other man may well be an ex partner who she had previously been unfaithful with a former partner prior to our client raising concerns.

The wife was due to make a trip to her home in the North of England, she was followed and observed entering a hotel. Throughout the evening we watched and saw her meet up with another male enjoying drinks, having a meal and finally walking hand in hand to a hotel room with the male.

From the imagery obtained our client identified the said male as the one who had previously been unfaithful with the lady on another partner in the past and decided to end the relationship.

Case 3 – A female client was persuaded by her friends to give internet dating a try in the hope of finding a potential spouse. After setting up a profile she had enjoyed talking with an attractive man via social networking channels, on the surface he appeared to have what she was looking for; a life of excitement and business success.

A meeting was set between the two for 3 weeks down the line, the male claimed to be widowed and that he had a child living abroad with his aunt whilst he worked in the UK to support his child.

Due to her long absence for the dating game the client contacted Insight with concerns that she could quite easily be taken advantage of and needed piece of mind that the male was indeed who he said he was prior to meeting up.

After carrying out a series of checks and background checks we found that the male was indeed being very untruthful and did not even exist as the persona she was speaking with via the internet. The results were naturally met with both a reaction of being upset but more of relief at Insight carrying out checks to prevent further heartache in the future.

Internet dating scams can quite often cause massive emotional and financial strain so it is essential checks are made.

In another similar case where an ex husband set up a profile as a friend of his ex wife and liaised with her for over a year saying that he had been in a coma in the hope of planting a seed of guilt in ending the relationship.

Again with checks Insight found that this was completely false and prevented any further emotional strain for our client.