Police Privatisation Predicted

The head of G4S in the UK and Africa, David Taylor-Smith has predicted that private firms could be responsible for running large parts of the UK Police service over the next few years.

With many cut backs to Police budgets throughout the nation it is not a surprise to Insight as a private detective agency that this prediction has been made, we reported recently on the number of cases we are dealing with that may well have been Police matters only a couple of years ago.

Recently over 20,000 members of the Police Federation took to the streets in protest against current conditions in the force including pay issues, working hours and of course privatisation. Many officers are thought to be concerned about their long term job security in the wake of plans to privatise Police sectors to outside firms.

At this point it is uncertain how the proposed changes will impact the long term future of Policing in the UK however this month has already seen Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire police announce that they are considering outsourcing to counteract budget shortfalls.

For our industry this could be good news as roles such as intelligence, evidence gathering, IT security and such services all fall under the arsenal of agencies such as Insight. As with our own industry issues such as regulation and the ongoing public enquiry it remains to be seen what the impact of such changes will bring to the table.

We can only hope the right decisions are made!