Private Investigator to Sue News International

It is with great interest that we here at Insight have been watching the daily revelations and continued developments of the News of The World phone hacking scandal. The news this week that the so-called private investigator Glenn Mulcaire is to sue News International for his legal fees certainly caught our attention.

Already convicted for his part in the phone hacking with the now defunct News of The World, Glenn Mulcaire is facing huge legal fees as the scandal continues to unfold. The News of The World has already covered fees in the region of almost £250,000 before closing its doors in July, this move was expected to cut any ties with Mr Mulcaire, however he is claiming that News International, as owners of the News of The World, are legally and contractually obligated to continue to pay his legal fees.

Certainly, these developments will ensure that this already over publicised phone hacking scandal remains in the public eye for a little longer, Insight can only hope this will teach a harsh lesson to those people calling themselves private investigators whilst offering illegal services and those who continue to do so.

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