Time to Celebrate Private Investigators

World Association of Private Investigators

Tomorrow marks the event on the 2011 calender that many private investigators have been waiting for, the World Association of Private Investigators 10th Anniversary conference and banquet. With WAPI reaching such a milestone in ther journey as a leading global private investigator association, maybe the time has come for people to start to celebrate the role that a private investigator can play in their lives and not just focus on the negative phone hacking scandal that is now being played out with more revelations daily in the ongoing Leveson enquiry.

As Insight have pointed out time and time again, these so called private investigators are nothing more than what could be deemed as blaggers simply deciding to operate under the private investigator banner. These kind of rogue operators would not be allowed to be a WAPI member if such allegations came to light and were proven so it with confidence we can say put your trust in private investigators who have experience and operate within the law.

We have over 30 years investigation services experience in all manner of operations, November has been a fantastic month for Insight personally as we offer daily consultations and genuine solutions to people’s problems that require the help of a private investigator. The past few months have shown that the public and commercial bodies alike do have confidence in the industry and that a legitimate private investigator or detective agency will provial.

It is worth remembering that private, relationship, commercial matters can be settled and resolved with the help of experienced private investigators, where as they may have gone on and not been resolved but for crucial evidence being gathered to assist your enquiries.

We would ask that people look at this anniversary of WAPI to celebrate all that is good about the industry and not to let a small minority who are being thrust into the media spotlight put any negativity onto our genuine industry that can offer a second to none service when you need it most.

For more information or ticket enquiries on the WAPI 10 year conference and banquet please visit http://www..com.