US Case Backs Up The Need For Background Checks

background checksIt saddens us to hear news of internet perverts posing as celebrities in order to try and engage in sexual activity with minors, unfortunately it is something that is becoming an increasing problem in the UK and all around the globe.

This morning we were notified of a case in the United States where a 31 year old man had been posing a teen pop sensation Justin Bieber in order to get young girls to perform sexual acts to him online.

As with a lot of these cases, Facebook was the platform that the pervert used to create and promote his fake image offering unsuspecting teens free concert tickets in exchange for a sexual performance from them. The offences dated back to 2009 and he even went as far as to threaten to expose pictures and videos of the girls on the internet once they realised he wasn’t the real thing.

The girls all aged between 9-16 could have been putting themselves at more risk should this have escalated further, thankfully some of them did not listen to the pervert’s threats and reported it to police who have now charged the man with multiple counts of sexual exploitation and interstate extortion.

Cases such as this should serve as a stark reminder as to why background checks are so important and why parents should keep a careful eye on their children’s internet activity. Hiring a private investigator to carry out a detailed background check on anyone you suspect may not be who they say they are can uncover the real identity and at the very least ensure your kids do not fall victim to internet perverts.

Obviously we understand that it is easy for minors to be lured in by “celebrity” profiles but it really is a harsh reality when internet predators such as this man manage to exploit young girls or boys into performing sexual acts that could leave the children emotionally damaged for a long time.

Insight would urge any parent letting their children use the internet to always try to supervise them at all times and talk to their children about the dangers of using the internet so they themselves become more aware.

It is good to see people using the internet for illegal purposes being brought to justice, however more needs to be done.