Camera update

The cold reality ………..

of this job is sometimes very disturbing even if eventually good is done.

The results of the covert camera assignment came through today for the client who was concerned about her children.

What a horrible world it can be !! Poor woman. At least she now has the evidence she requires and the offender is already in custody.

Hard hitting as it is placing covert cameras within a clients property if you look at the up side if there can be one in such circumstances, clients suspicions have been confirmed and damage has stopped!!

The legalities of such an assignment can always be an absolute mine field. Suffice to say the Police liaison officer that deals with such matters everyday of the week, has praised our agent for the manner in which the investigation was handled.

I am just glad that we have investigators on board that have realistic but sensitive natures and are able to deal with matters appropriately.

No doubt this will eventually lead to a court case, and in the modern day, technicolour evidence is hard to dispute.