Finally People Take Notice of the P.I. Industry!

As a genuine, above board private detective agency, Insight has long campaigned and backed support for private investigators to be licensed by the Government. This has been long overlooked and people have not taken notice of the industry as they should until recent developments, namely the Milly Dowler phone hacking scandal.

In the ten days that have followed since the revelations were made public via just about every news station, newspaper and broadcaster globally, the spotlights have fallen on the private investigator industry for the wrong reasons, or you could argue for the right reasons. The phone hacking allegations have uncovered what we have long known, there are many unscruplous investigators as well as allegations against policemen, civil servants and computer experts all gaining information through illegal practice.

It is a great shame that over the years our industry has had to put up with private investigators either carrying out illegal investigations to gain results or taking money, both private and commercially, not delivering results. The question should be why was nothing done to prevent these types of incidents from occuring in the first place and why has it taken a phone hacking scandal to make people take notice?