Good Guys

Happy Endings

Today has turned out to be one of those days, when you can say, yes – occasionally we are “The Good Guys”. A client, who is in the music industry, was looking for his teenage Daughter who attended at Private School, she went missing on Thursday, after running away from school. As a result of good old fashioned “PD” work, (now Americanised to “PI” work), social networking, and some very clever analytical skills of a 30yr in the profession, Investigator, Father and Daughter we reunited in a park late this afternoon. Being the only female on duty today, I was asked to accompany the investigator to assist in the re-union. I don’t speak the clients native language but even I could see the joy on both Father & Daughter’s faces when re-united, after a few tears. The irony of this story is that the investigator in question , several years ago was an assistant writer for the TV series “Nice Guy Eddie”, that mirrored some of his cases in the North of England. So one of those days today, when you can say yes, occasionally we are “Good Guys”, and “Nice Guys”. Whilst all this has been going on today, I have been able to set up and arrange for the installation of covert cameras, for another client who is worried about activities in her house whilst she is at work. Let’s hope tomorrow is as successful as today, and we can allay any fears or discover the truth for a very worried mother.