Not always bad news

Infidelity is often a hard fact to discover, but it is not always bad news.

Even when a clients’ suspicions run high, and they turn to us for advice, with all the normal tell-tail signs, you can get it wrong…

This was the result of a lovely outcome on a case this week.

The client had all the “normal” warning signs, and we had to agree, something did not add up, except the obvious.

Unfortunately the client having been in this position in their previous relationship, read all the signs wrong.

On our advice, they took the drastic step of setting the scene, so to speak, several weeks ago.

The client went away for the weekend, leaving their partner to their own devices, with no possible chance of them returning early. So all the opportunity to be unfaithful was there. With our agent in readiness waiting for any callers to the home or to conduct observation, if the subject left the house.

In addition to this, the client was able to place a listening device within their family property and monitoring equipment on their family computer, together with a tracker on their family vehicle.

This was a great deal of effort, and in certain aspects slightly overkill for the situation, but .. needs must.

To the delight of the client, the outcome of the enquiry was – nothing to report. Which actually is never the case, there is always something to report, even if just the postman arrived at 08.15 hours ! just nothing of a suspicious or damming nature.

The subject left the house once over the weekend to visit the shopping centre, where they visited two shops, only speaking with 2 passers by and an assistant whilst they were out.

No mobile telephone calls were made or received, whilst the subject was out.

The only visitors to the property, who was later identified as a long standing friend of the the client, with their partner, and the conversation was as would have been expected.

The only other conversation to be heard within the property was the radio the television or the subject discussing regular issues with another friend.

The computer was only used for searching for expensive holidays.

So the client returned home happy and relaxed about things, and now the element of doubt has been satisfied, the relationship has taken a turn for the better.

So in this case knowing the facts has allayed all suspicions.