Not always good news though

It is a sad fact of life that some people are and will be unfaithful partners.

This is usually devastating news, so when this ends a marriage of some 30 years, it can be even more difficult. What has been even more devastating for our client to come to terms with is when the subject of enquiry is deceased.

Who’s truth should you believe….

The client’s life is already shattered by the loss of their partner, and then to discover that all was not as Rosy in the garden as one had assumed.

So who’s truth do they believe. The 1st wife, the mistress, the silent business partner, the family they never knew about ???

The only truth to believe is the facts… The cruel hard facts. In our advice to the client, this must be the only way they can move forward. The what ifs, the whys, the maybes all those questions that they have, that will never be answered by the only person that could.

This is a case that has been on-going now for several months and will be on-going for many more to come, as each piece of information is obtained and delicately relayed to the client. and the client’s and subject’s adult child.

The case for Insight started as a rumour told to the client that the subject had family that were unknown to the client. – Yes fact – Proven.

The next line of enquiry was to establish a previous marriage. – Yes fact – Proven.

The next line of enquiry was to search for any other children, outside the clients marriage. Yes fact – Proven.

Not wanting to believe hard facts in ink, the client asked us to obtain a photograph of the deceased, from their army career, just in case it was a case of mistaken identity.

Showing the faded picture, now some 40 years old, to the client, there was no doubt in the client’s mind that it was the subject in question.

Our line of enquiry has now taken us down the route of the siblings of the 1st marriage.

How far the client and their’ Daughter wish to proceed along this route , we shall have to wait and see.

Their journey is not over yet, let us just hope Insight can bring some good news to then along the way.

At least if they were alive, the client could have the pleasure of dealing with matters as they though best, this will never be the case here. No matter what truth comes forward, good or bad, going back over many many years, it will just have to be taken in.