On Going Private Investigator Training

There are often rants from the Insight camp about licensing Private Investigators in the UK.  We joined the “many” from within the industry, petitioning the government years ago for this to happen, we are still waiting….

Many professional investigators have years of experience behind them and have come from related backgrounds, but how do you update and keep up to date with your core skills set.  In the USA there is continuous on-going training that needs to be completed annually to renew PI licenses.  What do we have in the UK – nothing. Training is totally dependant upon the individual or company sourcing and attending training courses and or relevant qualification programmes.  So,  I was delighted when one of our directors recently attended an Investigators’ Internet Training course in Glasgow a few weeks ago,  just to update his skills, so he knew he was still on the button within his specialist field.

With more and more investigations being centered around fraud via Internet dating and Internet scams, this was a must.

Whilst it must be acknowledged that UK Private Investigators who are members of industry associations receive much help and support within a wide knowledge base of other members, that is widely shared between the forums and groups, what about the investigator’s that have no alliance with any trade associations?  where do they receive their ongoing assistance and advice from?

This brings me to my moan of the week …  Illegal investigations.  We have tried to warn visitors to our website of the pitfalls to look for in our “why us” section of our recently released new website.  The general public do not possibly know that it illegal to obtain an address from a mobile or ex-directory telephone number unless it is in the public domain. We have had 6 requests already this week for this service, 75% of those who called us said, the last agency they spoke to would perform this service, why wouldn’t we?

This brings us back to licensing! Once we are licenced, you would suspect that a breach of data protection laws would revoke a licence, lets see..

Which then brings us full circle to training and knowing your business. In a large majority of cases, you can resolve an investigation for a client, legally, within the law, and not risking your client’s liberty. Ongoing training can only assist the private investigator to give their client the best service possible.