Private Investigator Murder Still Unsolved

In March 1987, Daniel Morgan was working as a partner in an investigation agency when he was found in a pub car park with an axe inside his skull. In the quarter of a century that has passed since Mr Morgan’s murder, there have been many changes and movements in the private investigator industry, however still to this day his murder remains unsolved.

Insight have often spoken about the dangers a private investigator can face, none more so than working alone for long periods of time and potentially undertaking a sensitive operation that could leave you exposed to some nasty truths and indeed corruption that put your life in danger.

For Daniel Morgan, this seems to be the case. Only last year the latest Police attempt to solve this murder collapsed after 4 previous efforts to gain justice for his family over the years. Scotland Yard’s own acting commissioner Tim Godwin admitted Police corruption was a big factor behind the collapse of the trial.

Alastair Morgan, the elder brother of Daniel, has publicly stated that his brother was about to reveal a grand scale Police corruption uncovered during his investigations. He also feels that it was the beginning 25 years ago of a relationship between the News of The World and Metropolitan Police corruption, highlighting the recent phone hacking scandal and public enquiry as evidence of this relationship.

Whatever happened on that terrible day 25 years ago, the truth is that nobody should attempt to carry out dangerous operations without the right experience and training. Too many people calling themselves private investigators operating in the private investigator industry are placing themselves in danger every day for financial gain.

Of course, we are not suggesting in any way that Daniel Morgan was not experienced enough to undertake any operation he may have been working on, it does, however, highlight the very real dangers facing even the most experienced private investigators every day. Even after 25 years, his death has not been solved despite efforts from his family and the Police, this alone should be warning for anybody looking to simply make some quick cash by trading as an investigator that there is a very real need for being highly trained and skilled in the sector.

We hope that one day this terrible crime is solved and Daniel Morgan’s family can put their minds at rest knowing that justice has been done.