What a busy week

As you get older you think it gets easier, I don’t think so.

This is the first available time this week that I have had to update.

On reflection though, a good chunk of the week was taken out attending a conference in Brighton for the Association that I am a Governing Council Member of, The World Association of Professional Investigators – W.A.P.I. http://.com/ .

All the fun of the Fair

I must admit to loving the buzz of exhibiting at a large venue, with many varied trades and being away from the every day though.

You would think being at a conference that is in a growth period during a recession, was a good thing ? The sad part was that the subject matter was credit information bought by major organisations to facilitate decisions on debt collection, counselling and credit facilities. How the few will effect the many !!

Internet Dating

The reality of hiding behind a screen

Another sad item from the week, and witness to how the world has become – Internet dating. Well it wasn’t even dating. A overseas potential client came to us searching for a friend they had meet on the Internet. Corresponding for over 8 years, web cam daily. Then 3 weeks ago, after revealing the fact that they had purchased a house for them to be together and the suggestion that after 8 years they should meet. The email went dead !! Being distraught, a hastily bought ticket to fly over here was arranged, a taxi was hired to drive around the area with a picture looking for the lost friend. Many days later and thousands of pounds out of pocket, a sad flight home….. If only the potential client would have listened to our Tracing Department, with the limited information they had, we were able to prove no such person existed.