Big Brother is Watching You

It has been a somewhat eye opening week here at Insight after the installation of some new click and website profiling software that offers the benefits of analysing website traffic and improving our overall service throughout the site to our clients and visitors alike.

Quite surprisingly we have found through the software that our paid Google advertising campaigns have been under what you could only call fraudulent attack from competitors who have happily been clicking away on our ads for lots of search term variations.

As a reputable private investigator and detective agency, Insight do not condone actions that can financially harm a company, albiet a competitor and welcome with upon arms private investigators into the industry that work in an above board manner. This type of behaviour does not help individual private investigators or private detective agencies alike in anyway, if we are falling victim to this type of underhand behaviour then we are sure other companies within the industry are too.

Hopefully with Google aware of the situation this matter will be swiftly resolved and give everybody in the industry a fair chance or getting legitimate website traffic, not competitor clicks to waste valuable revenue and our time!