Deputy PM Announces Blaggers Could Be Jailed

Earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced that following on from all the shock and evidence of “blagging”, which is people found to be obtaining personal details by deception, jail terms should be considered a possible and worthy punishment.

It is hardly surprising to Insight that the Government are taking this hard line approach after the sheer volume of corruption uncovered in so many different professions involved in selling personal details to journalists, such as, Police, phone companies and medical staff.

Perhaps it will take this type of approach to cut out and eradicate such behaviour, the law currently states that anybody found guilty of phone hacking or fraud can be jailed, however misuse of personal data only carries a fine. The recent revelations that have drawn emergency Government meetings and media spotlight to unlawful use of personal data may see a call for instant reforms of the Data Protection laws that were passed in 2006.

Obviously such changes would need to be carefully considered due to the profound effect it could have on genuine journalism, however Insight fully support jail terms for anybody acting in an illegal manner, especially so called “private investigators” obtaining this information who are blackening our industry by not acting in a way worthy of being labelled a private investigator.