G4S London Olympics Security Shambles

G4S London Olympics Security

With the start of the London Olympics just a couple of weeks away the whole nation is geared up for what should be a landmark event that goes down as a legendary sporting occasion for the UK and London; that is unless you are security provider G4S or the Olympics organisers!

It was announced heavily yesterday across leading global media channels and broadcasters that with only weeks to go until the opening ceremony that g4S, the world’s largest private security firm are thousands of agreed security staff down on the agreed contract to cover the event.

Those that have been recruited have spoken about their personal dismay at being allocated events miles from home,a lack of schedule and structure, whilst also not being allocated uniforms or correct rotas. With such chaos and a lack of time to deal with this G4S have sent out urgent calls to recruit ex Police officers or SIA association being the ideal candidate although not compulsory.

For an event such as the London Olympics, security has to be the paramount factor even over the events themselves. Security has to be in place to protect fans, stadiums, workers and of course the sports people themselves as well as landmarks from threats such as terrorism.

Insight find it quite shocking that this has reared itself at the last minute and it could potentially put a dampener on the whole event if it is not dealt with ASAP in the next day or two. The Government have spoken about possibly using the military as a fail safe contingency plan, however all this will come at a massive price on top of the pre-agreed contract with G4S of £284 million.

In times of economic crisis this will only put further strain on tax payers money due to poor planning and implementation of the London Olympics security.

We know how vital it is to provide the right level of security at any level, be it at home, in the workplace or for events. With many years experience in providing security of different types Insight can only hope this is resolved ASAP.

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