Legitimate Private Investigators – Good News!

After a busy week or two of attending Home Affairs and Home Office seminars and meetings respectively, we thought that we would share some good news about the private investigator sector and how legitimate private investigators provide services that can provide crucial evidence leading to criminal prosecutions.

The ever growing burden on the UK Police Service has led to an increased number of instructions forthcoming from the general public who have been turned away by various police forces when their complaint has been absent of any evidence upon which the Police could act.  This has not been through any disinterest by the police but with the various cutbacks now being realised our overstretched and under manned Police Service cannot cope.

Any Police force has only a limited amount of staff with which to work and the day to day crime control is, quite rightly, a priority they must adhere to. Recently we have seen requests for investigations that we would not normally have seen as they could have been easily dealt with by the Police.

The Internet scams that were not around several years ago would more than likely have become a first priority Police issue, however in these times of economic and financial crisis people are turning to private investigators to help.

Typical Internet scam investigations include;

The Dating website predator who’s only intention is to fleece the unwitting or vulnerable. The Nigerian 419 Scam artist who plays upon the gullible and greedy and promises amazing wealth for just a ‘small’ outlay and, in some cases, the Paedophile predator who passes himself
off as a young teenage male when he’s really just one step from being a signatory on the Sexual Offenders Register.

At Insight we deal with these type of cases and have identified many times those that prey upon others and have supplied information and evidence that has led to convictions and helped with Police investigations.

One such case came from a family where a daughter had dropped out of University following her meeting online a ‘nice boy’ who lived
at the other end of the country and whom she had left her studies to live with. Whilst this was already upsetting to the family,  as she hadn’t finalised her University course, the fact that she had broken all communication with the family was somewhat worrying.

She had previously forwarded some of the ‘nice boy’ emails on to the family (before they showed their dismay).  From the emails we were able to identify a website which the ‘nice boy’ had constructed showing an alarming degree of ‘anti female’ propaganda together with just about
anti everything else.

As he did not originate from the UK we obtained background details of his time in his home country, prior to his move to the UK, which included several convictions (some for violence) and also his age was 10 years older than he had led our clients’ daughter and our client to believe. During this part of the investigation and whilst awaiting information from our colleagues abroad, from the domain of the website and address had been ascertained.

At the request of the family, observations was mounted upon the address.  During our observations and enquiries at the address, we witnessed
evidence of criminal activity which was documented fully and, with the agreement of the family, passed to the Police.  This, together with the intelligence received from abroad which we also passed to the Police, led to the individual being arrested and our Clients daughter returning home.

Several months later the individual was convicted of several offences here in the UK and was deported back to his home country to stand further trial on outstanding offences there.  Our clients’ daughter has since realised how she had been brainwashed by a criminal and has returned to her studies.

It can be argued that the client had to foot the bill to gather and provide the evidence, but what family wouldn’t?

Our clients had absolutely no problems with the Police who acted swiftly when the evidence was supplied to them, such evidence that may
have taken many months to obtain given the current financial restraints. This is a classic example of how swift and wholly legal actions by private investigators can assist the Police.

After all the recent negativity surrounding our industry, we thought that we would share some good news and how valuable the services of a fully legitimate and experienced detective agency can be.