Private Investigators – Be On Your Guard At All Times!

It is extremely shocking to hear experienced voices from within the private investigator industry reporting instances of domestic abuse offenders, often with restraining orders, approaching investigators to track down the ex-partners.

After reading a story last week in an Australian newspaper Insight learned that this has become a frequent problem that has presented itself to investigators on more than one occasion and feel that regardless of where you perform your investigation duties from; you should be aware of the potential dangers of a case like this.

Every day Insight get calls, emails and requests from people with all different requirements and needs; we have to use our many years of experience, training and investigation knowledge to ensure that we have an element of vetting throughout our consultation to job implementation process as taking on a job like this is obviously illegal and could cause a lot of problems for everyone involved.

In Australia the problem has become a common one, this has led to a call from the Police Association secretary to allow private investigators to have limited access to a database which names domestic violence offenders with restraining orders on them. Gut instinct and using your experience to make a call is fine, providing you are right; having this level of access to make the right call right away is obviously a better situation for investigators to be in.

We at Insight, like all reputable investigation agencies in the UK are waiting for the outcome of various enquiries and Government level decisions to be made about our industry and how investigators will be classified and licensed in the future; hopefully along with this we may see a closer bond between data and access to ensure there are no cases that could be deemed illegal or put somebody in danger.