Review of the WAPI 10th Anniversary Banquet

Saturday 19th November saw the gathering of members of the World Association of Private Investigators and other professionals related to the industry such as journalists. The day and evening events were on the whole enjoyed by the majority of attendees with a mix of guest speakers and entertainers throughout the day and night.

It was great to see members of WAPI from eleven different countries in attendance which really did hit home to amount of multiculturism in our organisation, it was also very satisfying to see lots of private investigators from so many different countries coming together and participate in speaking one combined language of investigation.

As well as the day’s morning and afternoon sessions that were hosted by guest speakers, the event offered a great mix of networking, fine food and drink, raffles, magician and music for everybody to enjoy.

The next annual banquet of WAPI will be in 2012, it will be great to see even more attendees enjoying the occasion!